The political and policy impacts of extreme right parties in time and context

  title={The political and policy impacts of extreme right parties in time and context},
  author={Anthony M. Messina},
  journal={Ethnic and Racial Studies},
  pages={1355 - 1361}
  • A. Messina
  • Published 22 April 2015
  • Political Science
  • Ethnic and Racial Studies
Impact of Extreme Right Parties makes a welcome contribution to the growing scholarship that assesses the impacts of extreme right parties (ERPs) on inter-party competition, public opinion and public policy. Although it commendably avoids the pitfall of overestimating the political significance of ERPs, several criticisms of the book nevertheless can be raised. First, it is disquieting that its analysis of the impacts of ERPs within its chosen three countries covers less than a decade. Second… 

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This text represents an important personal milestone. I am very pleased for having the book reviewed by the authors who laid the foundations that allowed me to develop my own investigation. The



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