The pleistocene glaciation of Tibet and the onset of ice ages — An autocycle hypothesis

  title={The pleistocene glaciation of Tibet and the onset of ice ages — An autocycle hypothesis},
  author={M. Kuhle},
  • M. Kuhle
  • Published 1988
  • Geology
  • GeoJournal
  • During seven expeditions new data were obtained on the maximum extent of glaciation in Tibet and the surrounding mountains. Evidence was found of moraines at altitudes as low as 980 m on the S flank of the Himalayas and 2300 m on the N slope of the Tibetan Plateau, in the Qilian Shan. On the N slopes of the Karakoram, Aghil and Kuen Lun moraines occur as far down as 1900 m. In S Tibet radiographic analyses of erratics document former ice thicknesses of at least 1200 m. Glacial polishing and… CONTINUE READING
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