The plays of Sophocles

  title={The plays of Sophocles},
  author={Robert Francis Goheen and J. Kamerbeek and H. Schreuder and Agnes Miller Parker},
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Orestes and Nothingness: Yiannis Ritsos’ “Orestes”, Greek Tragedy, and Existentialism
The article offers poetry criticism of the poem "Orestes," by Yiannis Ritsos. Topics discussed include the familiarity of Ritsos with existentialism in Greece, the modern reception of the theme of
Tragic Troy and Athens: heroic space in Attic drama
This book examines the physical presentation of the heroic world in tragedy, in short the ‘tragic world’. This presentation includes the landscape, buildings, and objects of this world, and aims to
Recuperación y ampliación del mito de los Labdácidas en Antígona de Sófocles
This article examines how the Greek tragedy, especially Sophocles’ Antigone recuperates and expands the myth. Indeed, the tragedy displays the myth in a way that it can compete with the mythic canon
Envy and jealousy in Classical Athens
Emotions differ between cultures, especially in their eliciting conditions, social acceptability, forms of expression, and co-extent of terminology. This thesis examines the psychological sensation
The Oedipus Rex of Sophocles and psychoanalysis
Sophocles' universal classic, ever relevant to psychoanalysis in its continual development, dramatizes a gamut of psychodynamic factors, ranging from the pre-Oedipal to the Oedipal and post-Oedipal.