The planktonic food web structure of a temperate zone estuary, and its alteration due to eutrophication

  title={The planktonic food web structure of a temperate zone estuary, and its alteration due to eutrophication},
  author={Gerard M. Capriulo and Garriet W. Smith and Roberta Troy and Gary H. Wikfors and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Pellet and Charles Yarish},
Current conventional wisdom argues that human-induced excesses in nutrient loadings to estuaries often stimulate ‘excess’ algal production leading to hypoxia, via bacterial pathways, and subsequent reduced recruitment/survival of finfish and shellfish. Why wouldn't such elevated production stimulate more animal production, rather than less? In a three-year study of Long Island Sound, U.S.A., a multitude of variables were quantified along a west to east gradient, to address the above question… CONTINUE READING
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