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The pilgrim's guide : a critical edition

  title={The pilgrim's guide : a critical edition},
  author={Alison Stones and Jeanne E. Krochalis and Paula Lieber Gerson and Annie Shaver-Crandell},
Material and Temporal Ambiguity at Santiago de Compostela: The Case of the South Portal’s Woman with the Skull
  • Karen Webb
  • History
  • 2019
The Romanesque sculpture from Santiago de Compostela’s Puerta de las Platerías, known as the Woman with the Skull, presents questions of origin. Using the competing methods of conceptual design priorExpand
Pilgrimage and Liminality at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Le Puy-en-Velay, and the Saint Michael Chapel, Aiguilhe
In the Middle Ages, as today, visitors to the French city of Le Puy-enVelay enter a remarkable topographical setting. A low, sloping mountain—the rocher Corneille—lies at the city’s heart, itsExpand
Blessing the Fields? A Study of Late-medieval Ampullae from England and Wales
Abstract An Increase in reported finds of metal ampullae enables a reappraisal of this distinctive class of pilgrim souvenir in England and Wales, Norfolk in particular: their form, decoration,Expand
Chaucer’s Pardoner and Host—On the Road, in the Alehouse
1 Citations of the Canterbury Tales refer to Larry D. Benson, gen. ed., The Riverside Chaucer, 3rd ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1987). I would like to thank the following people for theirExpand