The pigeon's recognition of drawings of depth-rotated stimuli.

  title={The pigeon's recognition of drawings of depth-rotated stimuli.},
  author={Edward A. Wasserman and J L Gagliardi and Bruce R. Cook and Kim Kirkpatrick-Steger and Suzette L Astley and Irving Biederman},
  journal={Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes},
  volume={22 2},
Four experiments used a four-choice discrimination learning paradigm to explore the pigeon's recognition of line drawings of four objects (an airplane, a chair, a desk lamp, and a flashlight) that were rotated in depth. The pigeons reliably generalized discriminative responding to pictorial stimuli over all untrained depth rotations, despite the bird's having been trained at only a single depth orientation. These generalization gradients closely resembled those found in prior research that used… CONTINUE READING