The phytochrome gene family in tomato includes a novel subfamily

  title={The phytochrome gene family in tomato includes a novel subfamily},
  author={Bernard A. Hauser and Marie-Mich{\`e}le Cordonnier-Pratt and Françoise Daniel-Vedele and Lee H. Pratt},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
Data presented here define five tomato phytochrome genes (PHY) and indicate the existence of additional PHY in the tomato genome. Portions of each gene, encoding amino acids 203 through 315 in a consensus amino acid sequence, were amplified by polymerase chain reaction. Four of these genes, PHYA, PHYB1, PHYB2 and PHYE, are members of previously identified PHY subfamilies, while the fifth, PHYF, is identified as a member of a new PHY subfamily. PHYA, PHYB1, PHYB2 and PHYE fragments encode amino… CONTINUE READING


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