The physiology of perception.

  title={The physiology of perception.},
  author={Walter J. Freeman},
  journal={Scientific American},
  volume={264 2},
  • W. Freeman
  • Published 1 February 1991
  • Biology, Psychology
  • Scientific American
The brain transforms sensory messages into conscious perceptions almost instantly Chaotic, collective activity involving millions of neurons seems essential for such rapid recognition. 

Visualising chaos in a model of brain electrical activity

A Neurobiological Theory of Meaning in Perception Part V: Multicortical Patterns of Phase Modulation in Gamma EEG

The aim of this study is to find evidence for repetitive global phase transitions occurring simultaneously over multiple areas of cortex during normal behavior. EEGs were recorded from multiple hig...

Chaos and graphics Visualising chaos in a model of brain electrical activity

Evidence for the existence of chaos in a theory of brain electrical activity is discussed and unique depictions of the dynamics of this model are provided.

The decade of the brain ‐ further thoughts

Current theories linking consciousness and quantum mechanics, taking a sceptical standpoint but inviting debate, make a strong case for some mechanism additional to the classical neural net, probably comprising microtubules as photonic waveguides.

Exploring the Brain

In this chapter I give a brief survey of the most prominent experimental methods in brain research. The various physical methods will be particularly emphasized.

Chaos, Cognition and Disordered Brain

Important feature of chaotic transitions is a self-organization that presents a spontaneous order arising in a system when certain parameters of the system reach critical values. Recent findings

The Central Enigma of Consciousness

The nature and physical basis of consciousness remains the central enigma of the scientific description of reality in the third millennium. This paper seeks to examine the phenomenal nature of

A macroscopic chaotic model of visual perception

  • Maryam BeigzadehS. Golpayegani
  • Physics
    2016 23rd Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering and 2016 1st International Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME)
  • 2016
A macroscopic chaotic model for visual perceptual dynamics is presented which is based on coupling of chaotic maps. The proposed model uses the theories of nonlinear dynamical systems and chaos, in

Thermodynamic Model of Criticality in the Cortex Based On EEG/ECOG Data

Random graphs and percolation theory are proposed here as novel mathematical tools helping us deciphering the language of the brain.



Freeman in behavioral and Brain Sciences

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