The physiology and habitat of the last universal common ancestor

  title={The physiology and habitat of the last universal common ancestor},
  author={M. C. Weiss and Filipa L. Sousa and Natalia Mrnjavac and S. Neukirchen and M. Roettger and Shijulal Nelson-Sathi and W. Martin},
  journal={Nature Microbiology},
  • M. C. Weiss, Filipa L. Sousa, +4 authors W. Martin
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Microbiology
  • The concept of a last universal common ancestor of all cells (LUCA, or the progenote) is central to the study of early evolution and life's origin, yet information about how and where LUCA lived is lacking. [...] Key Method We investigated all clusters and phylogenetic trees for 6.1 million protein coding genes from sequenced prokaryotic genomes in order to reconstruct the microbial ecology of LUCA. Among 286,514 protein clusters, we identified 355 protein families (∼0.1%) that trace to LUCA by phylogenetic…Expand Abstract
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