The physical principles underpinning self-organization in plants.

  title={The physical principles underpinning self-organization in plants.},
  author={Philip Turner and Laurent Nottale},
  journal={Progress in biophysics and molecular biology},
  • P. TurnerL. Nottale
  • Published 26 February 2016
  • Physics
  • Progress in biophysics and molecular biology

A New Ab Initio Approach to the Development of High Temperature Superconducting Materials

We review recent theoretical developments, which suggest that a set of shared principles underpin macroscopic quantum phenomena observed in high temperature superconducting materials, room

Nanoscale Correlated Disorder in Out-of-Equilibrium Myelin Ultrastructure.

The results aim to clarify the degradation mechanism in biological systems by associating these states with ultrastructural dynamic fluctuations at nanoscale and showing that myelin in its out-of-equilibrium functional state fluctuates point-to-point between different conformations showing a correlated disorder described by a Levy distribution.

Myelin Basic Protein dynamics from out-of-equilibrium functional state to degraded state in myelin

The results highlight that the intrinsically disordered Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) allows to preserve the myelin structure following both the small correlated fluctuations in physiological state and the large disordered fluctuations in degraded conditions, where the myelinated functionality is close to being lost and the MBP remains the single active protein.

Intrinsic dynamical fluctuations of PNS myelin ultrastructure

Scanning micro X-ray Diffraction (S{\mu}XRD), which is a unique non-invasive probe of both k-space and real space allowing to visualize statistical fluctuations of myelin order with high spatial resolution in real space, is used to examine the myelin sheath in the sciatic nerve of Xenopus laevis.

Correlated Disorder in Myelinated Axons Orientational Geometry and Structure

This work investigated the fluctuation of the myelin supramolecular assembly by measuring the spatial distribution of orientation fluctuations of axons in a Xenopus Laevis sciatic nerve associated with nerve functionality and found that the Levy flight distribution was missing in the aged nerve prepared in an unfresh state.

Water, The Cradle of Life via its Coherent Quantum Frequencies

This paper addresses the question whether electromagnetic frequencies associated with pure water are similar to those of biological systems. A literature survey was performed on intrinsic frequencies

Intrinsic dynamical fluctuations of PNS myelin

The ultrastructure fluctuations and complex dynamics of the multi-layered membrane structure of myelin are fundamental for understanding and control its formation process and its degeneration and

Resolution-scale relativistic formulation of non-differentiable mechanics

Abstract.This article motivates and presents the scale relativistic approach to non-differentiability in mechanics and its relation to quantum mechanics. It stems from the scale relativity proposal



Self-Organization and Coherency in Biology and Medicine

This review summarizes some of the most interesting, recently reported phenomena related to dynamic self-organization and coherency at various complexity levels in living matter, demonstrating the widespread applications of these concepts in many modern fields of biological and healthcare research.

Macroscopic Quantum-Type Potentials in Theoretical Systems Biology

This paper reviews the use of the theory of scale relativity and fractal space-time as a tool particularly well adapted to the possible development of a future genuine systems theoretical biology and emphasizes the concept of quantum-type potentials.

Scale relativity theory and integrative systems biology: 2. Macroscopic quantum-type mechanics.

Origins of Order: self-organization and selection in evolution

The structure of rugged fitness landscapes and the structure of adaptive landscapes underlying protein evolution, and the architecture of genetic regulatory circuits and its evolution.

Quantum criticality at the origin of life

It is shown that molecules taking part in biochemical processes from small molecules to proteins are critical quantum mechanically and the findings point to the existence of a universal mechanism of charge transport in living matter.

Evidence for wavelike energy transfer through quantum coherence in photosynthetic systems

Previous two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy investigations of the FMO bacteriochlorophyll complex are extended, and direct evidence is obtained for remarkably long-lived electronic quantum coherence playing an important part in energy transfer processes within this system is obtained.

Scale relativity theory and integrative systems biology: 1. Founding principles and scale laws.

Endogenous electromagnetic fields in plant leaves: a new hypothesis for vascular pattern formation

  • A. Pietak
  • Geology
    Electromagnetic biology and medicine
  • 2011
This work describes a new hypothesis for plant leaf veination, whereby an endogenous electric field forming as a result of a coherent Frohlich process, and corresponding to an EM resonant mode of the developing leaf structure, is capable of instigating leaf vascularisation.

Long-Range Coherence and Energy Storage in Biological Systems

Biological systems are expected to have a branch of longitudinal electric modes in a frequency region between 10l1 and 10l2 sec-l. They are based on the dipolar properties of cell membranes; of