The physical activity transition among adults in China: 1991-2011.

  title={The physical activity transition among adults in China: 1991-2011.},
  author={Shu Wen Ng and A-G Howard and Hai Jun Wang and C K Su and Bing Zhang},
  journal={Obesity reviews : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity},
  volume={15 Suppl 1},
Previous studies have linked work, home production, travel activities and inactivity with weight and health outcomes. However, these focused on average physical activity (PA) over time rather than changes in PA and associated sociodemographic and economic factors and urbanicity. Using the 1991-2011 China Health and Nutrition Survey data, we estimated the metabolic equivalent of task hours per week for individuals in occupational, domestic, travel and active leisure domains and sedentary hours… CONTINUE READING

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