The phylogenetic position of Siboglinidae ( Annelida ) inferred from 18 S rRNA , 28 S rRNA and morphological data

  title={The phylogenetic position of Siboglinidae ( Annelida ) inferred from 18 S rRNA , 28 S rRNA and morphological data},
  author={Vincent Rousset and Greg W Rouse and Mark Siddall and Annie Tillier and Fredrik Pleijel},
We assess the phylogenetic position of Siboglinidae (previously known as the phyla Pogonophora and Vestimentifera, but now referred to Annelida) in parsimony analyses of 1100 bp from 18S rRNA, 320 bp from the D1 region of 28S rRNA, and 107 morphological characters, totaling 667 parsimony informative characters. The 34 terminal taxa, apart from six siboglinids, include polychaete members of Sabellida, Terbelliformia, Cirratuliformia and Spionida, plus two Aciculata polychaetes as outgroups. Our… CONTINUE READING
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