The phylogenetic position and taxonomic status of the Rainbow Tree Snake Gonyophis margaritatus (Peters, 1871) (Squamata: Colubridae) .

  title={The phylogenetic position and taxonomic status of the Rainbow Tree Snake Gonyophis margaritatus (Peters, 1871) (Squamata: Colubridae) .},
  author={X. Chen and A. D. McKelvy and L. Grismer and M. Matsui and K. Nishikawa and F. Burbrink},
  volume={3881 6},
  • X. Chen, A. D. McKelvy, +3 authors F. Burbrink
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Zootaxa
  • Molecular phylogenies have provided strong evidence for clarifying the taxonomy of groups with ambiguous morphological traits, thus avoiding potentially misleading conclusions based on evolutionary convergence of these traits. For snakes, established molecular databases along with new sequences from rare species allows us to estimate phylogenies, to clarify the phylogenetic relationships and test the monophyly of most taxonomic groups. Using one mitochondrial gene and five nuclear loci, we… CONTINUE READING
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