The photon structure from deep inelastic electron–photon scattering

  title={The photon structure from deep inelastic electron–photon scattering},
  author={Richard Nisius},
  journal={Physics Reports},
  • R. Nisius
  • Published 21 December 1999
  • Physics
  • Physics Reports

Two-Photon Processes and Photon Structure

Abstract In this article aspects of photon–photon physics related to the structure of real and virtual photons are reviewed. A recalculation of the virtual photon–photon box is performed and some

Electron-photon deep inelastic scattering at small x in holographic QCD

  • A. WatanabeHsiang-nan Li
  • Physics
    Proceedings of XXVI International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects — PoS(DIS2018)
  • 2018
We study the electron-photon deep inelastic scattering at small Bjorken variable $x$ in the framework of holographic QCD, employing the Pomeron exchange to describe the involved strong interaction.

Photon Structure Function Revisited

The flux of papers from electron positron colliders containing data on the photon structure function ended naturally around 2005. It is thus timely to review the theoretical basis and confront the

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Abstract Photon induced processes have been studied over the last 25 years at e+ e− colliders via so called two-photon interactions. The measurements have provided a wealth of data on the structure

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Scaling behaviour in off-shell photon-photon scattering

Experimental Results on Two-Photon Physics from LEP

This review covers selected results from the LEP experiments on the structure of quasi-real and virtual photons. The topics discussed are the total hadronic cross-section for photon-photon

Model-independent QED corrections to photon structure-function measurements

We present the first calculation of QED radiative corrections to deep-inelastic electron–photon scattering in terms of those variables that are reconstructed in measurements of the photon structure

QED structure functions of the photon

Hadronic photon-photon interactions at high energies.

  • EngelRanft
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1996
The photon-photon collisions are investigated in the framework of the two-component dual parton model and the model is shown to agree well with hadron production data from hadron-hadron and photon- hadron collisions.

The proton and the photon, who is probing whom in electroproduction?