The pharmacokinetics of sultamicillin.

  title={The pharmacokinetics of sultamicillin.},
  author={Hartmut M Lode and Barbara Hampel and G{\'e}za Bruckner and P. Koeppe},
  journal={APMIS. Supplementum},
Sultamicillin is a mutual prodrug of ampicillin and sulbactam, a beta-lactamase inhibitor. When administered orally, sultamicillin is readily absorbed and rapidly hydrolyzed to provide high levels of its two constituents in the peripheral circulation. Peak serum concentrations of ampicillin are achieved that are approximately three and one-half times those obtained with an equivalent amount of oral ampicillin. Equimolar concentrations of sulbactam are also provided, with both ampicillin and… CONTINUE READING

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