The pharmacokinetics and metabolism of mitoxantrone in man

  title={The pharmacokinetics and metabolism of mitoxantrone in man},
  author={Dr Gerhard Ehninger and Barbara Proksch and Gerhard Heinzel and Erdmute Schiller and K J Weible and David L. Woodward},
  journal={Investigational New Drugs},
An HPLC method using paired-ion chromatography on RP C-18 material was developed. After sample clean up on XAD columns, mitoxantrone (Novantrone®; dihydroxyanthracenedione) in concentrations below 1 ng/ml in serum and 0.2 ng/ml in urine were measurable with a coefficient of variation <9.3% at a wavelength of 658 nm. Four metabolites were separated in urine. The major metabolite cochromatographed with the synthesized dicarboxylic acid of mitoxantrone. Within 48 hours 4.4% of the administered… CONTINUE READING