The pharmacokinetics, metabolism and tissue distribution of tinidazole.

  title={The pharmacokinetics, metabolism and tissue distribution of tinidazole.},
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Nitroheterocyclic drugs with broad spectrum activity

The most relevant drugs are characterized with regard to their chemical, chemotherapeutic, toxicological, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacological properties, including the mechanism of action and resistance in certain parasitic protozoa.

Tinidazole: Another Therapeutic Option for Syphilis?

Tinidazole has the same bactericidal action on spirochetes other than Borrelia, such as Treponema pallidum, explaining its rapid therapeutic action on the lesions of early syphilis.

Evolution of cellular HIV DNA levels in virologically suppressed patients switching to dolutegravir/lamivudine versus maintaining a triple regimen: a prospective, longitudinal, matched, controlled study.

Maintenance therapy with dolutegravir/lamivudine maintenance therapy had the same impact as the triple regimen on HIV DNA levels after 48 weeks of treatment, and data seem to support the effectiveness of a dolute gravir-lamvudine dual regimen in controlling the magnitude of the cellular reservoir.

Effect of Tinidazole on Norfloxacin Disposition

The 90% confidence interval (CI) between N FX alone and when co-administered with TNZ indicated the presence of an interaction between NFX and TNZ, which would significantly increase the systemic rate and exposure of NFX absorption.

Development, optimization and evaluation of tinidazole functionalized electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) nanofiber membranes for the treatment of periodontitis

In vivo study by ligature-induced periodontitis in rats confirmed that TNZ loaded nanofiber membrane can significantly improve continuity of epithelium and transseptal fiber of interdental papilla in comparison to tinidazole gel.

Sensory evaluation of cooked pork meat (M. bícepsfemoris) fed with and without ractopamine hydrochloride associated to age but not gender of the non-trained panelist.

A sensory evaluation of the cooked pork meat fed with ractopamine at doses: 0, 5, 10, and 20 parts per million over the course of 28 days without withdrawal time, a panel of 72 judges evaluated the

Physiological scaling factors and mechanistic models for prediction of renal clearance from in vitro data

A comprehensive literature analysis of quantitative physiological data to inform renal IVIVE scaling factors and systems parameters relevant for physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) kidney models was performed and a novel 5-compartment model for prediction of tubular re absorption and CLR from Caco-2 apparent permeability data was developed.


A simple, specific, rapid and precise quantification technique for the estimation of tinidazole from tablet dosage form that has been validated as per ICH (Q2) guidelines on the basis of accuracy, precession, linearity, sensitivity and robustness.

F. Antiparasitic Agents

Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of tinidazole-loaded mPEG–PDLLA (10/90) in situ gel forming system for periodontitis treatment

The TNZ-loaded in situ gel forming mPEG–PDLLA-based system could reduce burst release of TNZ and act as a sustained-release and injectable drug depot for periodontitis treatment.