The peritrophic membrane ofIxodes ricinus

  title={The peritrophic membrane ofIxodes ricinus},
  author={Zhenyu Zhu and Lise Gern and Andr{\'e} Aeschlimann},
  journal={Parasitology Research},
A peritrophic membrane was found in all three stages ofIxodes ricinus at no later than 18 h after their placement on rabbits. It was found to remain intact until at least 11, 30 and 10 days after repletion in larvae, nymphs and females, respectively. In blood-feedingI. ricinus, the peritrophic membrane is an uneven single layer with a thickness of about 0.03–0.48 μm in larvae, 0.03–0.79 μm in nymphs and 0.04–0.93 μm in females. It covers the whole surface of the midgut epithelium at a distance… CONTINUE READING

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