[The perioperative glycemic control in chronic rhinosinusitis coexisting diabetes].


OBJECTIVE To evaluate the method of the perioperative blood glucose control in chronic rhinosinusitis coexisting diabetes. METHOD Twenty-two cases of chronic rhinosinusitis coexisting diabetes were investigated retrospectively, including one case of type 1 diabetes and 21 cases of type 2 diabetes. The study cohort was divided into two groups, the one was complication group and the other was non-complication group. The patients in complication group were injected insulin to control blood glucose level, and the patients in non-complication group were prescribed oral medicine. RESULT Blood glucose levels below 9.0 mmol/L in complication group and below 7.0 mmol/L in non-complication group were both the surgical indication for the patients in this research cohort. Twenty-one cases were completely recovered and one case made progress significantly. CONCLUSION The detection of blood and urine glucose levels must be the routine item before the nasal endoscopic surgery. To control blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes with non-complication, oral medicine is the first choice, in type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes with complication, insulin should be first considered.

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