The perils of sexuality research in aspiring democracies

  title={The perils of sexuality research in aspiring democracies},
  author={Josephine Ho},
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Tabloid female sex confessions and everyday pro-sex feminism: The case of the Apple Daily Taiwan
This article construes the reader-contributed female sex confessions of a Taiwanese tabloid newspaper as contingent cultural instruments, looking into how these confessions are implicated in theExpand
Dealing with heteronormativity in everyday practice: Nuanced resistance of Taiwanese Nutongzhis
  • H. Peng
  • Sociology
  • China Journal of Social Work
  • 2019
ABSTRACT This paper presents the multiple nuanced ways in which Taiwanese Nutongzhi (Taiwanese lesbians) engage in resistance in a heteronormative society. It explores the strategies they use – suchExpand
Revisiting a Boy Named Jim
Using examples from qualitative health research and from my childhood experience of reading a poem about a boy devoured by a lion (Belloc, 1907), I expand on a framework for reflexivity developed inExpand