The performance of μ-kernel-based systems

  title={The performance of μ-kernel-based systems},
  author={H. H{\"a}rtig and Michael Hohmuth and J. Liedtke and S. Sch{\"o}nberg and J. Wolter},
  booktitle={SOSP '97},
  • H. Härtig, Michael Hohmuth, +2 authors J. Wolter
  • Published in SOSP '97 1997
  • Computer Science
  • First-generation μ-kernels have a reputation for being too slow and lacking sufficient flexibility. To determine whether L4, a lean second-generation μ-kernel, has overcome these limitations, we have repeated several earlier experiments and conducted some novel ones. Moreover, we ported the Linux operating system to run on top of the L4 μ-kernel and compared the resulting system with both Linux running native, and MkLinux, a Linux version that executes on top of a first-generation Mach-derived… CONTINUE READING
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