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The perceptions of Fiji primary school teachers in using classroom based student assessment procedures

  title={The perceptions of Fiji primary school teachers in using classroom based student assessment procedures},
  author={Mereseini Tikoduadua},
This research has as its theoretical framework the notion of the teacher as an agent for change in schools. The research is based on a study of 137 practising primary teachers (75% female) recruited across the Fiji primary school Years of 1 to 8. The investigation used survey methodology in the Republic of the Fiji Islands. It examined the teachers‟ perceptions associated with assessment practices since the abolishing of the formal primary school exanimations in 2009 and the transition to more… 
Fiji Primary School Teachers’ Perceptions of Classroom-Based Assessment
Fiji primary schools service students from Year (Grade) 1 to Year 8 and traditionally there have been formal national examinations in Years 6 and 8, but the formal primary school examinations have been reviewed, with the expectation that primary school teachers will do more classroom-based assessment (CBA).
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