The peculiar filamentary HI structure of NGC 6145

  title={The peculiar filamentary HI structure of NGC 6145},
  author={Enci Wang and Jing Wang and Xu Kong and Fulai Guo and Lin Lin and Guobin Mou and Cheng Li and Ting Xiao},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics of Galaxies},
In this paper, we report the peculiar HI morphology of the cluster spiral galaxy NGC 6145, which has a 150 kpc HI filament on one side that is nearly parallel to its major axis. This filament is made up of several HI clouds and the diffuse HI gas between them, with no optical counterparts. We compare its HI distribution with other one-sided HI distributions in the literature, and find that the overall HI distribution is very different from the typical tidal and ram-pressure stripped HI shape… 

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