The pattern of pain as seen among Dar es Salaam residents.


This is a prospective study of 50 patients who attended the newly opened pain clinic at Muhimbili Medical Centre Dares Salaam from January to June 2000. The aim of the study was to discover the final diagnosis and management of pain complaint from patients who attended the clinic. The most complaints were headache, backache, facial pain and discomfort of the lower extremities. Forty-six per cent of the women presented with headache, 15.4% backache and 15.4% numbness of lower limbs. In the men lower joint pains accounted for 37.5%, headache 33.3% and backache 16.7%. Where chronic inflammatory disorders were diagnosed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed combined with acupuncture and physiotherapy. Three women who had marital disharmony and two men who were impotent were referred to psychologist for counselling. The present study has shown that some patients in Dar es Salaam have a problem of both non-organic pain and psychogenic pain for which further studies are required in the general population.

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