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The pattern of genetic variation in shoot growth of Pinus brutia TEN. populations sampled from the Toros Mountains in Turkey

  title={The pattern of genetic variation in shoot growth of Pinus brutia TEN. populations sampled from the Toros Mountains in Turkey},
  author={Zeki Kaya and Fikret Isik},
  journal={Silvae Genetica},
The pattern of genetic variation in shoot growth of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia TEN.) was studied in 180 open-pollinated families from a south to north transect in southern Turkey. Seedlings from 1 coastal, 1 inland and 2 centrally located populations (45 open-pollinated families each) were grown for 2 growing seasons in a forest nursery located near Antalya. The study revealed that both populations and families within populations varied significantly in all seedling traits except for free… 

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