The pathophysiology of letter-by-letter reading.

  title={The pathophysiology of letter-by-letter reading.},
  author={Lior Cohen and Carole J Henry and Stanislas Dehaene and Olivier Martinaud and St{\'e}phane Leh{\'e}ricy and Cathy Lemer and Sophie Ferrieux},
  volume={42 13},
Pure alexia is a frequent and incapacitating consequence of left occipitotemporal lesions. It is thought to result from the disruption or the disconnection of the visual word form area (VWFA), a region reproducibly located within the left occipito-temporal sulcus, and encoding the abstract identity of strings of visual letters. Alexic patients often retain effective single letter recognition abilities, and develop an effortful letter-by-letter reading strategy which is the basis of most… CONTINUE READING
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