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The pathology of testicular tumours

  title={The pathology of testicular tumours},
  author={D. Collins and R. Pugh},

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Comparison of histologic types of primary testicular germ cell tumors with their metastases
A tumor category of “burned-out” testis tumors is proposed, reflecting the occurrence of transitional types between teratoma and embryonal carcinoma supported by the appearance of different histologic types of metastases. Expand
Histopathological Tumour Component Analysis in Testicular Mixed Germ Cell Tumours: A 10-Year Series
Objective: In this study, we examined histopathologically the tumour components or combinations of these components and analysed to changes of pathological findings with aging in the patientsExpand
Sex cord-stromal tumors of the testis
This review focuses on the clinicopathologic features of these uncommon neoplasms, pertinent differential diagnoses, relevant immunohistochemical and molecular findings as well as the recent updates proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Expand
Orchidoma in the Elderly
It is concluded that the incidence of orchidoma in the elderly seems to be on the rise; it is compelling and obligatory that this fact retain the authors' attention in the differential diagnosis of scrotal masses inThe elderly. Expand
Revisión histogenética de los tumores testiculares germinales
Tesis Univ. Granada. Departamento de Cirugia y sus Especialidades. Leida el 6 de junio de 2007
Teratoma differentiated with predominant cartilaginous differentiation
A case of monodermal teratoma differentiated tumour with almost exclusive cartilaginous differentiation is presented and it is shown that these tumours in adults despite their differentiated nature are well recognized. Expand
Brain metastasis from non-seminomatous germ cell tumors of the testis
Prognosis is worst in patients with multiple brain metastases, in whom brain involvement occurred during or after cisplatin-based chemotherapy, and aggressive treatment with surgery plus adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy is mandatory in Patients with large metastases. Expand
Granulomatous orchitis and spermatic granuloma
One case of granulomatous orchitis and three cases of spermatic granuloma are described and the clinial and pathologic features of the two syndromes are discussed. Since no certain diagnosis isExpand
A carcinoid occurring in the testis
It could be shown, that this testicular carcinoid corresponds to the carcinoids of the lower small gut, according to the specific ultrastructure of the intracytoplasmic granules it must derive histogenetically from an EC-cell. Expand