The past, present and future of CFD for agro-environmental applications

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Applications of computational fluid dynamics in irrigation engineering
An overview of the uses of CFD in irrigation engineering applications shows that CFD modeling can be an accurate, quick, and feasible method for the investigation of flow parameters in irrigation pipes, fittings, emitters, and accessories.
CFD simulation of temperature and airflow inside a shipping container size plant factory for optimal lettuce production
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have been playing an increasingly important role in designing the agriculture control environment structure in the past few years. Plant factory is a fully enclose
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A state-of-art review of the application of CFD modeling in air atomized pesticide spraying with an aim of highlighting future research needs.
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A CFD model was presented to simulate the distribution of air velocity and temperature in a greenhouse adopting the fan-pad cooling system in summer. The Boussinesq hypothesis was applied for the
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On the Optimization of Recirculated Aquaculture Systems
The proposed CFD based methodology allows the modeler (the designer) to manipulate both the tank geometry and operating conditions, in order to solve a multicriteria optimization problem.


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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used extensively by engineers to model and analyse complex issues related hydraulic design, planning studies for future generating stations, civil maintenance,
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Micrometeorological conditions in the vicinity of urban buildings strongly influence the requirements that are imposed on building heating and cooling. The goal of the present study, carried out