The partial structure with errors: a probabilistic treatment.

  title={The partial structure with errors: a probabilistic treatment.},
  author={Rocco Caliandro and Benedetta Carrozzini and Giovanni Luca Cascarano and L De Caro and Carmelo Giacovazzo and Marat Moustiakimov and Dritan Siliqi},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations of crystallography},
  volume={61 Pt 3},
The method of the joint probability distribution functions has been applied to the case in which observed (with errors) and calculated structure factors are available, the latter referred to a part of the structure with finite errors in the coordinates, the thermal parameters and the scattering factors. Results obtained by other authors are confirmed and generalized. A new relationship is found to estimate the parameter sigmaA, affecting the reliability of the estimates of cos(varphi-varphip… CONTINUE READING