The partbooks of a Florentine ex-patriate: new light on Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Ms. Magl. XIX 164-7

  title={The partbooks of a Florentine ex-patriate: new light on Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Ms. Magl. XIX 164-7},
  author={Joshua Farris Drake},
  journal={Early Music},
  pages={639 - 645}
  • J. Drake
  • Published 1 November 2005
  • History
  • Early Music
The seminal collection of early 16th-century polyphony, Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Ms. Magl.XIX 164­7, has often been cited for its usefulness, both in terms of chronology and content. The enigmatic emblems found in the bassus partbook, however, have not yet been identified. The article explores some of the reasons why the emblems might rightly be associated with the Buonaparte family and, perhaps, with Clement VII's long-standing friend and advisor, Jacopo Buonaparte. To make such… 


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