The paradoxical increase of Mediterranean extreme daily rainfall in spite of decrease in total values

  title={The paradoxical increase of Mediterranean extreme daily rainfall in spite of decrease in total values},
  author={Pinhas Alpert and T. Ben-Gai and Anat Baharad and Yuval Benjamini and D. Yekutieli and Michele Colacino and Liliana Diodato and Climent Ramis and V{\'i}ctor Homar and R. Romero and Silas C. Michaelides and Andrea Manes},
  journal={Geophysical Research Letters},
Earlier reports indicated some specific isolated regions exhibiting a paradoxical increase of extreme rainfall in spite of decrease in the totals. Here, we conduct a coherent study of the full‐scale of daily rainfall categories over a relatively large subtropical region‐ the Mediterranean‐ in order to assess whether this paradoxical behavior is real and its extent. We show that the torrential rainfall in Italy exceeding 128 mm/d has increased percentage‐wise by a factor of 4 during 1951–1995… 

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