The parable of Green Mountain: Ascension Island, ecosystem construction and ecological fitting

  title={The parable of Green Mountain: Ascension Island, ecosystem construction and ecological fitting},
  author={David M. Wilkinson},
  journal={Journal of Biogeography},
  • D. M. Wilkinson
  • Published 1 January 2004
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of Biogeography
Aims  To use the ecosystem on Green Mountain, Ascension Island, to illustrate aspects of ecosystem construction and function as well as possible mitigation of human caused global environmental change. 
The parable of Green Mountain: massaging the message
Wilkinson (2004) recently argued that Green Mountain on Ascension Island is an example where the aspects of ecosystem construction and function, as well as mitigation of human caused global
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Past land use legacy effects—extinction debts and immigration credits—might be particularly pronounced in regions characterized by complex and dynamic landscape change. The aim of this study was to
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The conservation of the endemic vascular flora of Ascension Island and threats from alien species
The primary cause of the four presumed extinctions appears to be introductions of exotic species and subsequent alteration of ecological conditions.


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The authors of this engaging book find that the aridity and barrenness of the region today is not abnormal in terms of its historic and prehistoric past, and they identify the real threats to Mediterranean landscapes in the immediate future.
Extinction and survival in the endemic vascular flora of Ascension Island.
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The land fauna of Ascension Island: new data from caves and lava flows, and a reconstruction of the prehistoric ecosystem
The indigenous fauna of Ascension provides a view of an early stage in the processes of colonization, adaptive evolution and radiation which give rise to the richer and more distinctive faunas of older oceanic islands such as Ascension's nearest neighbour, St Helena, where a few invertebrate clades have undergone repetitive speciation and some adaptive radiation.
Evidence for the recovery of terrestrial ecosystems ahead of marine primary production following a biotic crisis at the Cretaceous–Tertiary boundary
The fossil record demonstrates that mass extinction across the Cretaceous–Tertiary (K–T) boundary is more severe in the marine than the terrestrial realm. We hypothesize that terrestrial ecosystems
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Pollen, phytoliths of Zea mays, and charcoal from grass fires confirm historical and archaeological judgments that the Darien of Panama has a long history of human settlement, showing that the local modern forest has developed in recent centuries.
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  • D. M. Wilkinson
  • Environmental Science
    Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2003
The concept of ‘Gaian effect’ is described, which suggests that some processes will always tend to extend the lifespan of a biosphere in which they develop while others could either increase or decrease such a lifespan.
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A study of the issue indicates that it is not a serious problem for neutral theory, and there is sometimes a difference between some of the simulation-based results of Hubbell and the analytical results of Volkov et al. (2003).
The relationship between butterflies and their food plants is investigated, the examination of patterns of interaction between two major groups of organisms with a close and evident ecological relationship, such as plants and herbivores.