The pH paradox in ischemia-reperfusion injury to cardiac myocytes.

  title={The pH paradox in ischemia-reperfusion injury to cardiac myocytes.},
  author={John J. Lemasters and John M Bond and Enrique Chacon and Ian S. Harper and Sherrie H. Kaplan and Hisayuki Ohata and Donna R Trollinger and Brian Herman and Wayne E. Cascio},
During myocardial ischemia, a large reduction of tissue pH develops, and tissue pH returns to normal after reperfusion. In recent studies, we evaluated the role of pH in ischemia/reperfusion injury to cultured cardiac myocytes and perfused papillary muscles. Acidosis (pH < or = 7.0) protected profoundly against cell death during ischemia. However, the return from acidotic to normal pH after reperfusion caused myocytes to lose viability. This worsening of injury is a 'pH paradox' and was… CONTINUE READING