The pH dependent configurations of the C.A mispair in DNA.

  title={The pH dependent configurations of the C.A mispair in DNA.},
  author={Yves Boulard and Jean A. H. Cognet and Jacques Gabarro-Arpa and Marc Le Bret and Lawrence C. Sowers and G. Victor Fazakerley},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={20 8},
The structure of the cytosine-adenine mispair in a 7 base pair duplex has been investigated by proton NMR spectroscopy. At low pH, the predominant structure is protonated on the A residue and assumes a wobble conformation consistent with previous findings. The C residue of the mispair is found in a C2'-C3' endo equilibrium. This is confirmed by molecular dynamics calculations which suggest that the conformation of the protonated wobble is flexible and not as rigid as a normal base pair. As the… CONTINUE READING


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