The oxygen supply of the rat kidney: Measurements of intrarenalpO2

  title={The oxygen supply of the rat kidney: Measurements of intrarenalpO2},
  author={H. -P. Leichtweiss and Dietrich W. L{\"u}bbers and Ch. Weiss and Horst Baumg{\"a}rtl and W. Reschke},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
Using a newly developed platinum-O2-microeletrode [30] based on the design ofSilver [37] the construction and properties of which are described,pO2-measurements in the parenchyma of the blood-perfused and the cell-free perfused rat kidney were carried out. By continuous recording of thepO2 during slow (150 μ×min−1) insertion of the O2-electrode into the respiring tissue two regions of distinctly different meanpO2-values were found. In the outer region which extends from the renal surface to a… CONTINUE READING


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