The overprediction of fear: a review.

  title={The overprediction of fear: a review.},
  author={Stanley J Rachman},
  journal={Behaviour research and therapy},
  volume={32 7},
There is converging evidence that many people overestimate how frightened they will be when faced by a fear-provoking situation (Arntz & van den Hout, 1988, Behaviour Research and Therapy, 26, 207-223; Rachman & Bichard, 1988, Clinical Psychology Review, 8, 303-313; Rachman, 1990, Fear and courage (2nd edn). New York: W. H. Freeman). This overprediction of fear is commonly seen in people who are troubled by excessive fear (e.g. claustrophobics, panic patients), but is not confined to them… CONTINUE READING

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