The osteotome technique: Part 2--The ridge expansion osteotomy (REO) procedure.

  title={The osteotome technique: Part 2--The ridge expansion osteotomy (REO) procedure.},
  author={Rosemary Summers},
  volume={15 4},
  pages={422, 424, 426, passim; quiz 436}
A method of performing an osteotomy in the maxilla using hand instruments was recently introduced in The Compendium (February 1994). This new procedure is called the osteotome technique. Part of this previous article described a means of placing implants in locations that are too thin to permit the use of standard implant drills. A bone enlargement technique, called the ridge expansion osteotomy (REO), that allows the surgeon to widen the ridge in a routine office procedure was also introduced… CONTINUE READING

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