The origins of phagocytosis and eukaryogenesis

  title={The origins of phagocytosis and eukaryogenesis},
  author={Natalya Yutin and Maxim Y Wolf and Yuri I. Wolf and Eugene V. Koonin},
  journal={Biology Direct},
  pages={9 - 9}
Phagocytosis, that is, engulfment of large particles by eukaryotic cells, is found in diverse organisms and is often thought to be central to the very origin of the eukaryotic cell, in particular, for the acquisition of bacterial endosymbionts including the ancestor of the mitochondrion. Comparisons of the sets of proteins implicated in phagocytosis in different eukaryotes reveal extreme diversity, with very few highly conserved components that typically do not possess readily identifiable… CONTINUE READING
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