The origin of the spacetime metric: Bell's `Lorentzian pedagogy' and its significance in general relativity

  title={The origin of the spacetime metric: Bell's `Lorentzian pedagogy' and its significance in general relativity},
  author={H. Brown and O. Pooley},
  • H. Brown, O. Pooley
  • Published 1999
  • Physics
  • The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the `Lorentzian Pedagogy' defended by J.S. Bell in his essay ``How to teach special relativity'', and to explore its consistency with Einstein's thinking from 1905 to 1952. Some remarks are also made in this context on Weyl's philosophy of relativity and his 1918 gauge theory. Finally, it is argued that the Lorentzian pedagogy---which stresses the important connection between kinematics and dynamics---clarifies the role of rods and clocks in general… CONTINUE READING
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