The origin of the Racist Laws under fascism. Aproblem of historiography

  title={The origin of the Racist Laws under fascism. Aproblem of historiography},
  author={Olindo De Napoli},
  journal={Journal of Modern Italian Studies},
  pages={106 - 122}
  • Olindo De Napoli
  • Published 1 January 2012
  • History, Political Science
  • Journal of Modern Italian Studies
Abstract Why did the fascist regime adopt racial laws in the 1930s? The laws were aimed first atnon-Europeans and people of mixed race in the colonies, and then at the Jews. This article reviews recent studies on the racial laws, which took a variety of forms, within which the specificity of the anti-Semitic legislation has to be acknowledged even though the legislation against the Jews came at much the same time as the other racial legislation. Were these laws an attempt to imitate Nazi… 


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