The origin of cough sounds.

  title={The origin of cough sounds.},
  author={J. Korpa{\vs} and Jurina Sadloňov{\'a} and David Salat and E Mas{\'a}rov{\'a}},
  journal={Bulletin europeen de physiopathologie respiratoire},
  volume={23 Suppl 10},
We have analyzed the origin of the first and second cough sounds recorded by tussiphonography. About 10,000 tussiphonograms were performed in about 1,000 healthy and diseased subjects. Changes in the first cough sound are due to pathological processes in the airways, for example, the presence of mucus or acute inflammatory disease. The first cough sound may then become divided. In bronchial asthma the first sound is also abnormal because of the narrowed airways. The origin of the second sound… CONTINUE READING