The origin of cortisol in the blood of fetal sheep.

  title={The origin of cortisol in the blood of fetal sheep.},
  author={Desley Hennessy and John P. Coghlan and Kenneth John Hardy and Bruce A. Scoggins and E. Marelyn Wintour},
  journal={The Journal of endocrinology},
  volume={95 1},
The blood clearance rate (BCR) of cortisol was measured in non-pregnant ewes and in pregnant ewes and their intact or bilaterally adrenalectomized fetuses. In pregnant sheep the placental transfer of cortisol in both directions was established. The BCR of cortisol in the non-pregnant sheep was 51.7 +2- 4.9 (S.E.M.) l/h (n = 36) or 1.15 l/h per kg body weight. This was lower than that in the pregnant ewe (97-143 days of gestation) of 76.9 +/- 4.21 l/h (n = 9) or 1.85 l/h per kg. In the intact… CONTINUE READING
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