The origin of Darwin's "abominable mystery".

  title={The origin of Darwin's "abominable mystery".},
  author={Richard J. A. Buggs},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  • R. Buggs
  • Published 22 January 2021
  • Geography
  • American journal of botany
The phrase "Darwin's abominable mystery" is frequently used with reference to a range of outstanding questions about the evolution of the plant group today known as the angiosperms. Here, I seek to more fully understand what prompted Darwin to coin the phrase in 1879, and the meaning he attached to it, by surveying the systematics, paleobotanical records, and phylogenetic hypotheses of his time. In the light of this historical research, I argue that Darwin was referring to the origin only of a… 

Speciation across the Earth driven by global cooling in terrestrial Orchids

The results support a simple hypothesis that climate change can rapidly accelerate adaptive radiation in assemblages throughout the globe and raise the possibility that there are undiagnosed roles for climate change in other major radiations and indicate how contemporary climate change will influence long-term evolutionary processes.

Evolution of Complexity. Molecular Aspects of Preassembly

This work states that genetic material required for many complex traits, such as echolocation, was present long before emergence of the traits, and that Epigenetic factors ultimately promoted transfers from noncoding to coding genes, leading to abrupt formation of the trait via de novo genes.