The origin of Chern-Simons modified gravity from an 11 + 3-dimensional manifold

  title={The origin of Chern-Simons modified gravity from an 11 + 3-dimensional manifold},
  author={Jos'e Abdalla Helayel-Neto and Alireza Sepehri},
  journal={Advances in High Energy Physics},
It is our aim to show that the Chern-Simons terms of modified gravity can be understood as generated by the addition of a 3-dimensional algebraic manifold to an initial 11-dimensional space-time manifold; this builds up an -dimensional space-time. In this system, firstly, some fields living in the bulk join the fields that live on the 11-dimensional manifold, so that the rank of the gauge fields exceeds the dimension of the algebra; consequently, there emerges an anomaly. To solve this problem… 

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