The origin of Buddhist meditation

  title={The origin of Buddhist meditation},
  author={Alexander Wynne},
Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. Alara Kalama and Uddaka Ramaputta 3. Formless meditation and early Brahminism 4. The philosophy of early Brahminic yoga 5. Meditation in the Parayanavagga 6. Conclusion: The origin of Buddhist meditation and early Buddhism Bibliography 

Rethinking the Buddha: Early Buddhist Philosophy as Meditative Perception

Preface 1. The structural relation between philosophy and meditation 2. A philosophy of being human 3. Mindfulness, or how philosophy becomes perception 4. The four noble truths as meditative

Buddhism in the Shadow of Brahmanism

This book deals with the confrontation of Buddhism and Brahmanism in India. Both depended on support from the royal court, but Buddhism had less to offer in return than Brahmanism. Buddhism developed


Despite the remarkable rise in publications on the subject of meditation practices derived from Theravada Buddhism, the representation of Theravada meditation itself, in all its rich diversity, has...

The Buddha ’ s Last Meditation in the D ¥ rgha-ågama Anålayo

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  • 2014
The present article studies the last moments of the Buddha’s life in the way these are reported in the D¥rgha-ågama parallel to the Mahåparinibbåna-sutta of the D¥gha-nikåya. I begin by translating

The Buddha’s Awakening

A comparative study of early Buddhist textual accounts of the Buddha’s awakening helps to put into perspective the impression that these texts present competing theories of liberating insight and

( I ) Three Insight Meditation Traditions

With the present paper, I intend to bring out key aspects of the practical dynamics that underlies insight meditation in the Theravāda tradition. I start with a brief survey of three modern day

The Meditative Dynamics of the Early Buddhist Appamāas

With this article I review distinctive aspects of the early Buddhist practice of the appamāas, the boundless states of benevolence (mettā), compassion (karuā), sympathetic joy (muditā) and equanimity

Meditation in an Indian Buddhist Monastic Code

Author(s): Bass, Jeffrey Wayne | Advisor(s): Schopen, Gregory R | Abstract: This dissertation centers on an attempt to bring questions of a sociological nature to the modern academic conversation on

Polyvalent Philosophy and Soteriology in Early Buddhism

The earliest Buddhist texts in existence, from the Pāli Sutta-Nipāta, display a perplexing diversity in their philosophy and soteriology, most evident in their attitudes toward metaphysical



The British Discovery of Buddhism

Preface Introduction 1. The discovery of Buddhism 2. Buddhism and the 'oriental mind' 3. The Buddha - from myth to history 4. The Victorians and Buddhist doctrine 5. Victorian precepts and Buddhist

Selfless Persons, Imagery and Thought in Theravada Buddhism

Preface Introduction Part I. The Cultural and Social Setting of Buddhist Thought: 1. The origins of rebirth 2. Varieties of Buddhist discourse Part II. The Doctrine of Not-Slef: 3. The denial of self

Problem of Precanonical Buddhism


The Life of Buddha as Legend and History

DR. THOMAS makes a first-hand contribution to the subject, based on a wealth of new material; while at the same time he gives to the layman a fascinating biography of a personality mysterious and

Ancient Buddhist scrolls from Gandhāra : the British Library Kharoṣṭhī fragments

As the Dead Sea scrolls have changed our understanding of Judaism and early Christianity, so a set of twenty-nine scrolls recently acquired by the British Library promise to provide a window into a

The ideas and meditative practices of early Buddhism

ly formulated underworld; it attempts to teach it by illustration (see also MN 130 which was mentioned in chapter 14, and Kokalika sutta Sn III 10). This is also one of the first texts that

The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary

A noticeable feature of the Dictioanry is that it gives full explanations of the more important technical terms.

The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Majjhima Nikダya, Boston, MA: Wisdom Publications

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