The orbitofrontal cortex: Neuronal activity in the behaving monkey

  title={The orbitofrontal cortex: Neuronal activity in the behaving monkey},
  author={Simon J. Thorpe and Edmund T. Rolls and S. Maddison},
  journal={Experimental Brain Research},
SummarySingle unit recording of neurons in the orbitofrontal cortex of the alert rhesus monkey was used to investigate responses to sensory stimulation. 32.4% of the neurons had visual responses that had typical latencies of 100–200 ms, and 9.4% responded to gustatory inputs. Most neurons were selective, in that they responded consistently to some stimuli such as foods or aversive objects, but not to others. In a number of cases the neurons responded selectively to particular foods or aversive… 
Novel visual stimuli activate a population of neurons in the primate orbitofrontal cortex
Gustatory Neural Responses in the Medial Orbitofrontal Cortex of the Old World Monkey
An area centered in Brodmann's area 13m of the medial OFC (mOFC) where taste neurons are more concentrated appears to comprise a major gustatory relay that lies anatomically and functionally between the anterior insula and the clOFC.
Encoding of behavioral significance of visual stimuli by primate prefrontal neurons: relation to relevant task conditions
It is suggested that neurons in the inferior dorsolateral prefrontal cortex may participate in the conversion of sensory information from different visual channels into behavioral information (information on the upcoming response) in a symmetrically rewarded go/no-go discrimination task.
Neurons in the pigeon nidopallium caudolaterale signal the selection and execution of perceptual decisions
The results implicate the NCL in the selection and execution of operant responses, an interpretation resonating well with the results of previous lesion studies, and suggests that mechanisms for perceptual decision making are similar across classes of vertebrates.
The functions of the orbitofrontal cortex
  • E. Rolls
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The encoding and attentional modulation of perceptual decision in corticocortical circuits
Results suggest that ongoing oscillatory activity before the onset of a weak stimulus has a profound effect on both neural response and behavioural detection and serves as a basis for future work to determine the effect of attention on the behavioural and neuronal response to an upcoming tactile stimulation in more complex paradigms.
Analysis of Single-Unit Responses to Emotional Scenes in Human Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex
The findings suggest sparse and widely distributed processing of emotional value in the prefrontal cortex, with a predominance of responses to aversive stimuli.


Visual responses of neurons in the dorsolateral amygdala of the alert monkey
Hypothalamic neuronal responses associated with the sight of food
Prefrontal unit activity in the monkey: Relation to visual stimuli and movements
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Enhancement of visual responses in monkey striate cortex and frontal eye fields.
The different characteristics of the enhancement instriate cortex and the observation of enhancement in the colliculus following ablation of striate cortex suggest that this cortical area is an unlikely source of the collicular enhancement.
Neurophysiological analysis of brain-stimulation reward in the monkey
A transthalamic olfactory pathway to orbitofrontal cortex in the monkey.
It was concluded that the newly found transthalamic olfactory pathway from OB through MDmc to CPOF is very different in function from the previously demonstrated transhypothalamic ofactory pathway to LPOF.