The oral-systemic personalized medicine model at Marshfield Clinic.


Periodontal disease and diabetes, two diseases that have achieved epidemic status, share a bidirectional relationship driven by micro-inflammatory processes. The present review frames the current understanding of the pathological processes that appear to link these diseases and advances the hypothesis that reversal of the epidemic is possible through application of interdisciplinary intervention and advancement of oral-systemic personalized medicine. An overview of how Marshfield Clinic's unique clinical, informatics and bio-repository resources and infrastructures are being aligned to advance oral-systemic personalized medicine is presented as an interventional model with the potential to reverse the epidemic trends seen for these two chronic diseases over the past several decades. The overall vision is to engineer a transformational shift in paradigm from 'personalized medicine' to 'personalized health'.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1601-0825.2012.01921.x
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