The opto-mechanical alignment procedure of the VLT Survey Telescope

  title={The opto-mechanical alignment procedure of the VLT Survey Telescope},
  author={Carmelo Arcidiacono and R. Ragazzoni and Gabriele Umbriaco and Jacopo Farinato and Demetrio Magrin},
  booktitle={Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation},
The VLT Survey Telescope is a f/5.5 modified Ritchey-Chretien imaging telescope, which is being installed at the ESO-Paranal Observatory. It will provide a one square degree corrected field of view to perform surveyprojects in the wavelength range from UV to I band. In this paper we describe the opto-mechanical alignment procedure of the 2.61m primary mirror, the secondary and correctors lenses onto the mechanical structure of the telescope. The alignment procedure does not rely on the… Expand
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