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The optics and applications of graphene oxide

  title={The optics and applications of graphene oxide},
  author={Xiaorui Zheng},
Civilisations, or our technologies in general, are advanced by both incremental developments, such as optimisation and miniaturisation, and quantum leaps such as the Industrial Revolution. Undoubtedly, the semiconductor industry has revolutionised almost all aspects of our technologies and daily life during the past century. Silicon, as the principal material for semiconductor devices, has not only dominated the research in material science, but also shaped the engineering counterparts in terms… Expand
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Two-dimensional material functional devices enabled by direct laser fabrication
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Observation of Third-order Nonlinearities in Graphene Oxide Film at Telecommunication Wavelengths
The observation of ultrahigh third-order nonlinearity about 0.45 cm2/GW in graphene oxide thin films at the telecommunication wavelength region, which is four orders of magnitude higher than that of single crystalline silicon, can potentially significantly advance the performance of all-optical switches. Expand
Large polarization response of planarized optical waveguide functionalized with 2D material overlays
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Photoreduction of Graphene Oxides: Methods, Properties, and Applications
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Large-area ultrathin films of reduced graphene oxide as a transparent and flexible electronic material.
A solution-based method is reported that allows uniform and controllable deposition of reduced graphene oxide thin films with thicknesses ranging from a single monolayer to several layers over large areas, which could represent a route for translating the interesting fundamental properties of graphene into technologically viable devices. Expand
Patterning and electronic tuning of laser scribed graphene for flexible all-carbon devices.
This facile, inexpensive, solid-state method for generating, patterning, and electronic tuning of graphene-based materials shows exceptional electrochemical activity that surpasses other carbon-based electrodes in electron charge transfer rate as demonstrated using a ferro-/ferricyanide redox couple. Expand
The rise of graphene.
Owing to its unusual electronic spectrum, graphene has led to the emergence of a new paradigm of 'relativistic' condensed-matter physics, where quantum relativistic phenomena can now be mimicked and tested in table-top experiments. Expand
Graphene oxide as a chemically tunable platform for optical applications.
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Picosecond and low-power all-optical switching based on an organic photonic-bandgap microcavity
Photonic crystals, materials with periodic dielectric structures, are able to control the propagation states of photons owing to the so-called photonic-bandgap effect1. Nonlinear photonic crystals,Expand
Roll-to-roll production of 30-inch graphene films for transparent electrodes.
The roll-to-roll production and wet-chemical doping of predominantly monolayer 30-inch graphene films grown by chemical vapour deposition onto flexible copper substrates are reported, showing high quality and sheet resistances superior to commercial transparent electrodes such as indium tin oxides. Expand