The operation and subversion of gendered war discourses: soldierhood, motherhood and military dissent in the public production of Kimberly Rivera

  title={The operation and subversion of gendered war discourses: soldierhood, motherhood and military dissent in the public production of Kimberly Rivera},
  author={Joanna Tidy},
  journal={International Feminist Journal of Politics},
  pages={426 - 440}
  • Joanna Tidy
  • Published 2017
  • Sociology
  • International Feminist Journal of Politics
ABSTRACT This article undertakes a discourse analysis of texts concerning a recent high profile case of opposition to war by Kimberly Rivera, a US soldier and a mother of five. Developing on previous research concerning how female soldiers, anti-war women and anti-war soldiers have been made intelligible within understandings of war and gender, the analysis traces the discursive repertoires constituting Rivera as a political subject. The article considers how, when and with what implications… Expand
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